Neustone is a project and construction management firm.

Neustone is a Project Management company. We are Jamaican-based, international, and innovative. We optimize your resources, with a view to aligning your mission, goals, and objectives to move your project and organization forward.


Neustone was established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2006 through the collaborative efforts of Deighton Levee and Gary Matalon. They brought over 30 years of combined experience in Project and Construction Management, Business Transformation and Enterprise-wide Information Management. This partnership, along with the dynamic team, continues to lead Neustone, ensuring that it stays abreast with industry best practices.


We provide each client with a people and process-based approach to achieve project management efficiency and maximum return on investment.  Our approach – from concept and justification, through to execution, and post-implementation evaluation – ensures that our clients’ initiatives are completed on time and on budget.


To provide accurate, innovative and timely project management and business development solutions through technical innovation delivered with competence and integrity; resulting in growth and profitability to our stakeholders.


NeustoneTeam Members Have Customer Focus:

We build customer confidence, are committed to increasing customer satisfaction, set achievable customer expectations, assume responsibility for solving customer problems, ensure commitments to customers are met, solicit opinions and ideas from customers, respond to internal customers.

Neustone Team Members Plan and Deliver Excellence:

We are attentive to quality, detail and accuracy, are committed to excellence, look for improvements continuously, monitor quality levels, find root cause of quality problems, own/act on quality problems.

Neustone Team Members Are Committed to Results:

We meet commitments, work independently, accept accountability, handle change, set personal standards, stay focused under pressure, meet attendance/punctuality requirements.

Neustone Team Members Grow when I Grow:

We seek out and accept feedback, are proactive learners, take on tough assignments to improve skills, keep knowledge and skills up-to-date, turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

Neustone Team Members Have Integrity:

We deal with others in an ethical, straightforward and honest manner, are accountable for actions, maintain confidentiality, support company values, convey good news and bad. .

Neustone Team Members Are Committed to the Team:

We meet all team deadlines and responsibilities, listen to others and value opinions, help team leaders to meet goals, welcome newcomers and promote a team atmosphere.



We Connect

We ConnectAnytime. Anywhere.
We meet our clients on their own terms, engage dynamically, create linkages and deliver superior customer service.



We Enable

Teamwork means less re-work.
Using the right people; staying true to our process-based approach and use of real-time technology


We Fulfill

Your objectives met.
Doing it right, from start to finish, to deliver unparalleled results; and taking pride every step of the way.




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